Introducing the UltraLowGlare Heater with integrated remotely operated dimmer.

Our top selling UltraLowGlare range of Infrared heaters

Thousands of satisfied clients

Striking Energy is South Africa's leading manufacturer of  Infrared Heaters.  It is the future of heating. 

Free country wide delivery

We will deliver online orders  FREE of charge, anywhere in South Africa, using RAM couriers to deliver directly to your door.

5 Year Warranty

The only Infrared heater with a 5 year warranty*

- Locally manufacture

- SANS approved

* All electronics parts have a ONE year warranty



Our range of Infrared Space Heaters

ULG Range

Ruby Range

NoGlare Range

What is Infrared heat?

  • Infrared heat is invisible light with lots of energy.  When the "light" hits an object, heat is created. 
  • No energy is wasted by heating up the air.
  • Infrared is immediatly available when you switch it on.
  • You can also focus or direct the heat.



Benefits of Infrared heat

Instant Heat - No more waiting for the "heater to warm up" Instant heat within 1 second.

Focused Heat - Infrared heat = light.  You can therefore "focus" the infrared beams onto an area.

Clean & safe Heat - No open flame, fumes or drying out of the air, equipment. No UV

Cost effective - No more heating up of the air.  Only objects gets warm.

Dimmable - You can control the amount of heat / electricity usage

Low Maintenance - No moving parts or wear, no servicing, only annual cleaning

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